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Regulations for the management and functioning of Commissions of the AIEB



  • Theodora Antonopoulou
  • John Duffy
  • Wolfram Hörandner
  • Athanasios Kambylis
  • Foteini Kolovou
  • Riccardo Maisano
  • Emilie van Opstall
  • Andreas Rhoby (chair)


Download (Report-on-the-AIEB-commission-of-the-Corpus-Fontium-Historiae-Byzantinae-CFHB.pdf, PDF, 416KB)


A. Full members:

  • Mustafa Adak
  • Salvatore Cosentino
  • Denis Feissel
  • Cyril Mango
  • Katerina Nikolaou
  • Kazimir Popkonstantinov
  • Andreas Rhoby  (co-ordinator)
  • Charlotte Roueché
  • Peter Schreiner  (chair)
  • Erkki Sironen
  • Ida Toth  (co-ordinator)
  • Andrey Vinogradov

B. Advisors:

  • Irene Christou
  • Vassil Gjuzelev
  • André Jacob
  • Sophia Kalopissi- Verti
  • Mustafa Sayar
  • Georgios Velenis

Download (Schreiner-Lépigraphie-byzantine.pdf, PDF, 281KB)

Download (Epigraphik-Kommission-Bericht-for-AIEB.pdf, PDF, 62KB)


  • Bucossi, Alessandra (co-ordinator) []
  • Eliades, Ioannis   []
  • Fledelius, Karsten   []
  • Mariev, Sergei (co-ordinator)   []
  • Merianos, Gerasimos   []
  • Milanovic, Ljubomir   []
  • Nikolov, Angel   []
  • Preiser-Kapeller, Johannes   []
  • Spieser, Jean-Michel   []
  • Stathakopoulos, Dionysios   []
  • Whately, Conor   []
  • Woloszyn, Marcin   []

Download (Mariev-DevCommission-FinalVersion.pdf, PDF, 158KB)


  • Jean-Michel Spieser (co-ordinator)
  • Nancy Ševčenko
  • Annemarie Weyl Carr
  • Catherine Jolivet-Lévy
  • Miodrag Marković
  • Dragan Vojvodić
  • Maria Parani
  • Giorgos Philotheou
  • Ioanna Bitha
  • Anastasia Drandaki
  • Vicky Foskolou
  • Sophia Kalopisi-Verti (co-ordinator)
  • Maria Panayotidi-Kesisoglou (co-ordinator)


  • Manuel Castiñeiras

Download (Commission-History-of-Byzant.-Art-report_Intercongrès-21-9-18.pdf, PDF, 125KB)

Download (New-Proposal_Commission-for-Byzantine-Art-History.pdf, PDF, 140KB)


Di Segni,
Filiposki, ToniNorth
Haldon, JohnUSAjhaldon@Princeton.EDU
Popović, Mihailo (chair)
Sayar, Mustafa
Talbert, Richard J.

Download (Proposition_Commision_GeographieHistorique.pdf, PDF, 719KB)

Download (Popovic-COMPLETE-REPORT_AIEB_CommHistGeogr_Report-2016-2018.pdf, PDF, 173KB)

The proposal for the foundation of a “Commission for the Historical Geography and Spatial Analysis of Byzantium” was submitted officially with a letter to the Presidency of the AIEB on 16 December 2015 by the Austrian Society for Byzantine Studies through its President Prof. Dr. Claudia Rapp based on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Andreas Külzer and Doz. Dr. Mihailo Popović (both project-leaders of the Tabula Imperii Byzantini of the Austrian Academy of Sciences). As stated in the aforesaid letter, twelve international experts in the fields of the Historical Geography and Spatial Analysis of Byzantium were named as members for the formation of the respective Commission.

At the session of the AIEB in Belgrade Mihailo Popović was nominated by the Austrian Society for Byzantine Studies to present the proposal to the present delegates. He outlined that the envisaged Commission will have the aim to observe the vibrant scholarly developments in the respective fields, to compare ongoing projects and to address related methodological questions. It will focus on the “classic” Historical Geography as well as on emerging tools coming from the field of GeoSciences. Therefore, Cartography will play an important role in its future discourse. Although related academic fields (e.g. Archaeology, Digital Humanities etc.) will be included in the discussions of the Commission, it has to be stressed that the Commission is eager to strengthen the overall picture of Historical Geography and to coordinate dispersed scholarly initiatives. Following a short discussion, in which the submitted list of members was augmented by the names of Leah di Segni (Israel), Toni Filiposki ([FY]R Macedonia), Anastasia G. Yangaki (Greece) and Georgi Nikolov (Bulgaria), the aforesaid Commission was accepted unanimously by the present delegates.


1. Effie Athanassopoulos (USA)
2. Marica Cassis (Canada)
3. Jim Crow (UK)
4. Owen Doonan (USA)
5. Sharon Gerstel (USA)
6. Fotini Kondyli (USA)
7. Sabine Ladstätter (Austria)
8. Platon Petridis (Greece)
9. Jean-Michel Spieser (Switzerland)
10. Christina Tsigonaki (Greece)
11. Nikos Tsivikis (Greece)
12. Myrto Veikou (Sweden)
13. Athanasios Vionis (coordinator) (Cyprus)
14. Joanita Vroom (Netherlands)
15. Enrico Zanini (Italy)

Download (Vionis-CBA_application_final-29-10-18.pdf, PDF, 136KB)


  1. Vera Bulgurlu (Turkey)
  2. Béatrice Caseau (France)
  3. Jean-Claude Cheynet (France)
  4. Ivan Jordanov (Bulgaria)
  5. Ioannis Leontiades (Greece)
  6. Vivien Prigent (France)
  7. Werner Seibt (Austria)
  8. Claudia Sode (Germany)
  9. Lena Stepanova (Russia)
  10. Christos Stavrakos (Greece)
  11. Alexandra-Kyriaki Wassiliou-Seibt (Austria)

Download (Stavrakos-Commission-for-Sigillography-Final-1.pdf, PDF, 106KB)

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