List of Editions and Translations

Mission Statement
The main purpose of this Database of Editions and Translations in Progress or Recently Published (DETP) is to share information about on-going work on new critical editions and translations of Byzantine texts, broadly defined. By making information accessible we aim at facilitating communication and collaboration among those scholars who are working, or are planning to work, on new editions or translations of Byzantine texts. It is also an attempt to build and to maintain a growing database of edited and translated texts from the Byzantine Period (4th-15th century).

Brief History of the Project
The project of collecting information about editions and translations of Byzantine texts was initiated by Alessandra Bucossi in September 2010. For almost a decade this list (also known as “Bucossi’s list”) existed as a simple spreadsheet that was periodically updated and circulated via e-mail. With the support from the international Bureau and the Development Commission of AIEB this information became an on-line tool in 2019.

Submission Instructions
If you are working on the edition, or translation, of a Byzantine text, feel free to submit information about your project using the submission form under “Add your edition or translation“. After you have sent the details about yourself and your editorial, or translation, project, your entry will be revised by the editorial team of the DETP and straight afterward it will appear in this database.

Special Notice
We invite all scholars to add their editions and translations of Byzantine texts, even if these works are no longer in progress or were published long time ago, so that this list can gradually become a database of edited and translated texts. For the same reason, it is not necessary to request the removal of your entry, or entries, from the database once the work in progress has appeared in print, unless you wish to do so, of course. Once your work in progress has appeared in print, please consider uploading the updated information to this database.

You can contact the DETP-Editors under and [email protected]

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